miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014


These last two weeks in my country has been NUTS. The oposition is protesting against the goverment who in 15 years has put upside down our world. The insecurity is one of the biggest problems we have (I've been robbed at least twice). By far we have another problem, shortage! We can't find regularly products like milk, flour, sugar, butter, cloth softener and the most alarming: toilet paper! 

On february 12th (Youth's day in Venezuela) one of the most known opposition leader convened a march, prostesting against insecurity, the lack of primary inputs and tons of problems we have. Nothing of this came out on the local channels, yes, this is censorship but no one says a thing. 

I really want this to end! And no end in the same terms in which we've been living the last 15 years. Comm'on! We need a change and everyone knows it, the problem is that most of the people don't want to open their eyes and see the reality, not the fake sample that the goverment offers them!

Writing in english is very problematic for me since is not my home language. If you speak spanish feel free to ask about Venezuela and I'll kindly answer.

It seems to me a lack of respect to my country and my people to write about any other thing when there are people of my age dying! Sorry but this blog will keep paralized until this horrible things keep happening.

Thanks a lot for the support you've gave me along these years! 

So much love,

Alvanny R.

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  1. Holaa!!
    Yo también soy de Venezuela.. Espero que pronto se acabe todo esto y logremos algo bueno :D (tengo esperanzas)
    Te sigo ^^